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Configuration Manager


Hi All,


I am hoping this has a simple solution. I am working in an assembly, and using configuration manager to generate various hide/show states views to simplify and clarify the drawing. I have found that if the file is saved while a particular configuration is active, the default-solid edge configuration is updated to be the same as the active configuration. This has lead me to look for a way to select all parts and make them visible for the default configuration. So, is it possible to select all parts, and subassembly children, in the assembly and make them visible using the configuration manager? The image attached shows the open configuration manager with the assembly fully expanded and the column of the default configuration highlighted blue, I am searching for a way to now make all of the visibility ticked? Also, is it possible to select parts as required from the list on the left, with a configuration and make those visible. Thanks in advance. 




Re: Configuration Manager

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Gears Honored Contributor

Hi @Cam2


I think you are very close to what you are looking for.

Now just right click on the selection and pick Hide or Show, as required.



Re: Configuration Manager


Great! Thank you.