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I have recently made an airfoil using splines, and tangent curves. I have turned the tangent curves into splines, and now I would like to turn all connected splines into a single entity/spline.

Does anyone know if that is possible?

I am trying to judge the curvature using the curvature comb and need the whole outline to be a single spline in order to be able to read the curvature properly.


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Re: Connecting Splines

Hi @Dominis


did you try to use Curve - Close Curve function ?



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Re: Connecting Splines

Based on your description, the 'Derived Curve' command appears to be best suited for the purpose.






Re: Connecting Splines

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The close curve option won't work, I'm not trying to close a curve, i'm trying to join existing curves together.


As far as the Derived curves goes, It will not let me turn the outcome entity into a spline, so I am not able to make a curvature comb to examine the curvature.


Thanks for trying though guys!


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Hello @Dominis,


No, there is currently no such functionality in Solid Edge to do what you can of course use relationships to connect & make tangent, etc,....but nothing that "converts" multiple entities [Lines, Arcs, Curves] into a "single" entity.


In my mind, your only course of action, would be to [assuming you're in a s"ketch" of a 3D model]  create a new sketch, and trace over your other geometry to make a new "single" curve to capture all you need.

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Re: Connecting Splines

Ok, thanks very much Sean, I appreciate the help!