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I am facing the problem with displaying the constrained lines.

On the sketch I can see that some of the line are under constraint - but they are.

On the 3D Part  environment I can see that this part is constraned.


Can you please tell me where is the issue ?


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Re: Constraints question

you are missing some tangent relationships in the corners and also some of the wall thickness values are not driving dims.


Might i suggest however that for this model that you only sketch the outside profile and then use the 3D command  THIN WALL. 

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Re: Constraints question

Might even consider doing a square shaped protrusion, radius the edges, and then thin wall. No real need to do a sketch, for this instance, IMHO.

Re: Constraints question

Hi @MattJohnson_PG,


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Well, after restarting the computer this sketch became constrained itself.


So, strange behaviour.





Production: SE ST9 MP8

Re: Constraints question

Hi @Trikefreak


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Yes, this is a next method to build this part. You can do it on many different method.





Production: SE ST9 MP8

Re: Constraints question


I think frame generator needs cross section sketches like this, as it just does a protrusion of the selected cross section, but not sure.

Re: Constraints question

Always best to be sure!