Contoured flange to plane

Is there any way to have a contoured flange's " FiniteDepth" snap to an assembly plane?

In my case, the part is the first part of an assembly, so no other parts exist yet to relate the extrusion length too.


Re: Contoured flange to plane

without testing...  did you try Shift+Select to try to select the plane?


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Re: Contoured flange to plane

The selection properties for a contoured flange only have options that snap to endpoints, mid points, etc. That's what I am trying to work around. The Shift Select does not allow me to grab an assembly plane.

Re: Contoured flange to plane

Hi @12GAGE




this is a very easy to approach task if - and I mentioned that very often in the past - if You are using Coordinate Systems rather than Reference Planes.


Create Your references in the assembly with using CS and everything works proper fine and exactly as You are requesting



See 2 pictures before and after changing this CS