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Looking for a way to add additional control points to a callout leader line ? I'm trying to add more control points to an existing leader line so as I have more control over it on a drawing. I have come across callout leaders on drawings with multiple control / pull points




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You can keep the Alt key pressed while clicking on the leader line to add control points.



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Hello Tushar


I can't seem to get this to work, I guess it's pretty straightforward, could you post a few screens with steps to show the method ?


Many thanks

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Apologies, I have now got got this to work using the hold Alt key on existing leader

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Hello @agoodwin


Did you first select the callout.

Without selecting the callout first, the vertices won't get inserted.


Select the callout.

Keep the Alt key on the keyboard pressed.

Click on the callout leader line to insert vertices.


I don't know how to show this in a video.



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Glad to know it is working.

Some more uses of the Alt key are listed in the article below. Hope you find them useful too:

Alt Key Uses



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Tushar, the "Alternate master!"