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Controlling the sequence in the Split command




Is it possible to choose the exact order of the created bodies in the Split command? 




I noticed that the Divide Part command was replaced by the Split command:

Community Forum - Divide Part


However it seems (maybe I’m wrong) that there are certain limitations in this new command:


  1. I can’t choose the direction of the split
  2. If I have multiple construction surfaces in one element, I can’t choose the splitting order (which surface is the first splitting object, which one is the second, etc…)
  3. When I move my splitting surfaces around after the split, the created bodies are accidentally transforming from one to another - the splitting direction is changing because of some internal logic – see the attachment. (Maybe this is a bug. A possible fix in ST7 MP2? - PR 1973206: Split Body causes the bodies to rearrange)

With these limitations the creation of multiple parts with multiple or often changing construction surfaces is a real pain, or I’m missing something? Is there a workaround?



Maintenance Pack 2 Update:

I’m not a really good tester but I think I can confirm that the bug in -3)- is no longer exists. This is only valid for new splits because the already created ones will remain buggy.

However the new MP introduced a new problem:

Splitting the main body with more than one surface in the same time -2)- is not working as expected - sometimes it fails in other situations it creates unexpected number of bodies – see the attachments(MultiSurface_SplitBody_MP2(..)). 


Solid Edge ST7 MP2

Windows 7