Conversion from Navisworks NWD to Solid Edge



Has someone found a method to convert a Navisworks NWD file to Solid Edge ST8 or ST9


Please let me know if you found a route.


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Jan Bos

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Re: Conversion from Navisworks NWD to Solid Edge

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Hi @Jan_Bos


Not using NavisWorks here so this is a shot in the dark, but a simple approach would be to check the export formats from NavisWorks and look up any of those supported by the Solid Edge Open command.

This page for example shows AutoCAD format, most probably DWG, and Microstation DGN as viable options.


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Re: Conversion from Navisworks NWD to Solid Edge

It's not possible.

CAD/CAE Manager

Re: Conversion from Navisworks NWD to Solid Edge

We have Navisworks in our product portfolio.

OOTB there is no chance to get access to the data because Navisworks is designed as a powerful viewer and the data Navisoworks is handling are just view data, the hierarchy and the properties.


We have developed interfaces to to export data for other systems.


Get in touch with me directly for details.



Re: Conversion from Navisworks NWD to Solid Edge

Hi Jan


I have had some success converting NWD files into Solid Edge. It is a tedious affair and does not always work.


The steps I follow are as follows:
  1. Using Navisworks Simluate the NWD model file can be exported as an FBX model file.
  2. Using AutoCAD the FBX file can be imported into DWG file format, then the following steps within:
    a. Check that the imported geometry should be of element type "Mesh", if so continue.
    c. Run: CONVTOSOLID => Select All / Select Window
    d. Check that model geometry changed to element type "3D Solid", if so continue.
    e. Export 3D Solid model geometry to STP or/and SAT file.
  3. Using Solid Edge import SAT / STP model as part file.


Good luck.