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Converting ST6 to V19

Hello everyone.


I'm kinda new to this software and i was wondering if i could switch a ST6 part to a V19 compatible file for some friends because we're doing a project and they can't upgrade to newer versions and they have compatibility issues. Shall i convert the ST6 to other CAD then check if could be reconverted to V19 or shall i try to redo the parts in the V19?





Re: Converting ST6 to V19

Save it as a Parasolid, then they should be able to import it perfectly into Solid Edge V19


If you have any issues, post it here and I'll convert for you.



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Converting ST6 to V19


just a small note:

Parasolid (*.x_t) verion should be less or equal to v19 parasolid, e.i 17,18, or 19 (depending on MP for v19).


When saving to parasolid in ST6, look into export options in "Save As" window.



Re: Converting ST6 to V19

Good suggestion Ota.

I had similar thoughts regarding Parasolid version but surprisingly found that a part file saved from ST6 with Parasolid v 26 could be opened in ST4 successfully which has Parasolid v 24.

Also the Parasolid v 26 file could be opened in another CAD program that supports Parasolid v 18 only. Very impressive.


Yet another reputed CAD program that saved a Parasolid v 26 could not be opened in ST 4.

When the CAD program exported in Parasolid v 24, ST4 could open it.


Just some findings.


should not be an issue in the present case since both exporter and importer are Solid Edge versions.




Re: Converting ST6 to V19


thanks for update, I will check this.



Re: Converting ST6 to V19

Sorry to bother again, but cant open it in the assembly once it was
converted cant open it for the assembly

Re: Converting ST6 to V19

Not sure if a V20 part can be opened in ST6, but there should not be a problem.

I have seen V17 parts opening in ST4 without any issue.

Check the path of the assembly file.