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Converting metric to imperial

I converted my measurments from metric to imperial, but when I use the dimension tool it brings up all measurements in inches and I need it to appear in feet and inches. What do I do?

Re: Converting metric to imperial

When you say that you converted metric to imperial, did you go to File
Properties - Units tab and change the readouts?
Also, if that is the case, did you do this in the active file or in the
template file?
If you did this in the active file, the next new file you create will be
based on your template again. Most likely 'mm'.
If you want imperial (inch) units always, you need to set the system up for
There was a dialog that was displayed when you installed the software that
had a combo box to specify the standard to use.
It defaults to ISO, which is mm.
You can uninstall and reinstall and select ANSI which sets everything up for
inch. This may be the easiest way to get there.
If all you want is to see is feet-inch in dimensions, then change the units
for the dimension style.
When you place a dimension, you can see the active style in the dimension
command bar.
Most likely it is ISO.
Click on the 'View' tab at the top. Click on the Styles command in the Style
command group.
Change the 'Style type' combo box to dimension.
Click on the style which is the active style.
Click on Modify.
Click on the Units tab.
Change the Linear-Units from 'mm' to 'ft-in'.
Click on OK.
Your dimensions should read feet and inches.
This changes the units in the active file. If you want this in all files,
modify the style in the template file.
Rick B.

Re: Converting metric to imperial

Hi Rick

I am using Solid Edge 2D to design some kitchen cabinets for our new house, and wanted to change dimensions to ft/in/fractions of in. Your solution walked me right thru it.

Thanks a heap!