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Converting sketched line to 'lines'?

A file that I am working on was originally created in Adobe Illustrator
at 1:10 scale, exported as a .dwg file, and then brought into Solid Edge
2D. The original drawing was created using the AI pen tool, resulting in
bezier curves. I need to edit the drawing in SE2D but can't edit the
sketch. For example, if I try to Trim something I delete the whole outline.
Is there a way to convert a sketched line into line and curve segments
within SE2D?
See attached file - the horizontal dotted lines are what I want to
Extend To from the angled lines.
Unfortunately, I don't have access to the original AI file.
Cheers, Rick

Re: Converting sketched line to 'lines'?

There is not a command to convert the spline to simple geometry.
However, if all you need is simple geometry on top of the original, simply
draw lines on top of the spline using the control points of the spline.
Use the new lines for the extend operation.
Rick B.