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Is there any way to get the coordinates to a 2D photo and create a 3D object ? For example, take a picture a few legs, then I can take the measures and the actual shape of the legs? 


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This post seems in direct relation to your other "Leg 3D" one.


To answer it,.....yes you can, but you'd need to have a scale item on the photo, and then you'd also need enough [side view perhaps] information to make any 2D information gathered, into 3D. [IE: curvature, depth, etc]

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More specifically what he needed?

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There is third party software available that will allow you to digitize and build 3D CAD models from 2D photos.  However, these tools typically require multiple photos taken at different angles with common hard points to select between the photos.  IMHO, unfortunately a human leg does not make a good subject for 2D photo digitizing because there are no real hard points to pick on.

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So it's hard to create a 3D leg through a 2D photo? What kind of angles should have the pictures and what procedures?

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First you will need to find and install some third party software that will allow you to create the digitization from photos.  Then follow whatever procedures *that* software requires in order to complete the digitizing. 


Typically the more pictures you have that are taken from multiple angles with multiple common hard points to tie the shapes together the more accurate the result.


However, as previously stated such solutions require hard points that are common between the photos to be of any success.  What hard points do you think there are on a shin/leg?


IMHO, for something as free flowing as a human leg you would be better served with a  3D scan.

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What is referred to as hard points? Hardness type stone, wood, plastic, etc? Cinnamon in a tight spot would be in this case the tibia and fibula together. What software can I use to do the job of creating 3D through 2D?

The 3D scanner always implies being in contact with the person, but I also wanted to make a mold at bay.

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If you were to take photos of soemthing as simple as a box you have multiple hard points that show up in the photos that you can then digitize against-- the corners of the box make hard points.

There are  no naturally occurring corners (hard points) on a leg.  You would have to place markers on the person's leg to ensure that you then have common points between the photos taken so that you can digitize the shape.

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Imagine you ask me to send you pictures to make the mold. What kind of photo you could send and where you had to point out the points?

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@Pakito I suggest you go find some application to scan 2D photos into 3D models, download it, install it, and just give it a try.  That way you will then get a better understanding on how such software works and what you would need to accomplish your end goal.