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Copied assembly issue

using ST8

 I have a top level assembly that has 20 or so subassemblies,using revision manager, When I copied the top level and of of the subs I inadvertantly redirected one of the other subs to be driven by the new copy. MAybe I'm having a brain fart here, but whats the best way to redirect the sub to the old assembly?

Basically i have two top level assemblies with the same sub assembly in it being driven by the new (copied) assembly, but it need to be driven by the original.

  I do need to copy the improperly driven assembly as well, or i could possibly delete it and create a new assembly as almost every part will have been revised completely.

Am i missing somethign simple in redirecting this?


Re: Copied assembly issue

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So, you have 2 assemblies + 'old' and 'new' sub-assemblies.

Both assemblies are now using 'new' sub-assembly.

You want one of the assemblies to use 'old' sub-assembly ?


Just open the asembly you want to change (in SE or Rev Man) and use the replace command.


You have to be careful in Rev Man that a part (or assembly) you are copying isn't used in another assembly.

(EDIT: By this I mean another part of the assembly structure you are viewing)


The default setting is to operate on all instances, so the new version will be used everywhere.

You can change this behaviour though - uncheck the option shown below and only the instance selected will be changed.

Again, be careful when using it.


RM update dulicates.JPG



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Re: Copied assembly issue

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Not sure what you mean by "driven". Was that subassembly left in its original path but is showing in the new and old top assys?

Edit: If what @beachcomber says applies then what beachcomber said.

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Re: Copied assembly issue

That's my issue, the subassembly was being used in the original assembly. When i copied it, all interpart links were moved to new copied part. Now i need to reverse those links back.

Re: Copied assembly issue

It can get complicated if you're talking about interpart links. So it would take more than just replacing if you want interpart links in the old and new assemblies to be to their respective upper assemblies. My 2 cents is that it might be worth deleting the new files and redoing the copy while avoiding the error made before. It depends how many links you're talking about.

I'll add that in general I've found it better to use interpart links sparingly and not retain them long term. They can become a, to use @beachcomber's expression:



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Re: Copied assembly issue

Quite a bucket of worms I created..  I ended up fixing by making many temporary copies, renaming and replacing and finally I've got it all fixed. A bit confusing as i had to draw myself a "map" for all the interpart links.. Lol


Thanks guys.

Re: Copied assembly issue

I have the same issues every day. If anyone could explain how to repair points using revision manager I would like to know.


To avoid this problem, I have learned to just copy everything, then replace parts I want connected to the optionals.