Copy & Paste, change text size

I have noticed since ST7 came out, that the Copy & Paste is changing size of text.

 Does anybody have this problem, what should be done to correct this error...?




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Fernando Cruz


Re: Copy & Paste, change text size

Under what circumstances is it doing this? (Exactly where are you copying from, and where are you pasting to, when this occurs?)

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Copy & Paste, change text size



 I will post here some JPGs showing the original and after.


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´Fernando Cruz

Re: Copy & Paste, change text size

I have been experiencing similar issue with ST9 as original post.


ST9, MP2, Windows 64bit Professional.


This is happening on multipe computers for us.


PDF file attached showing screen captures of examples.

Text Settings changing when copied and pasted.pdf


1st - Text settings dialog box

2nd - Initial copied text & settings

3rd - Field being pasted into, selected to show settings before paste

4th - Field after paste

5th - New text field showing settings before paste

6th - New text field after paste


Draft file template attached

Template file - copy and paste issue.dft


Any suggestions as to root cause of this, maybe a setting in this template file?




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