Copy & paste issues in ST9

I am having issues with copy & paste in ST9 MP2.


Copy & paste often do not paste last objects selected. This has worked in past very well with ST8 and prior.


Also delete function erratic. When I highlight an area in draft file and press delete key, objects do not delete. If I select cut option from clipboard, it will delete selection. Objects selected individually seem to work OK.


64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1, Dell T7500, 24 gig ram.


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Re: Copy & paste issues in ST9



I asked about similar issue here two days ago. Grundey provided an interesting solution to the problem.

Re: Copy & paste issues in ST9



Thanks for link to other post.


My issue is different. The objects I am copying are in a Solid Edge draft file already, background sheet from a template file. I am copying revised template and pasting it in another Solid Edge file background. There are a couple of blocks in copied item, but these are not issue.


Also, this doesn't explain why I can't delete a windowed selection of objects with the delete key, I can delete if I select cut from menu.


It may be a computer issue, I checked here 1st, since I just installed ST9 last week.


The copy & paste / delete issue did not hapen in ST8.