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Copy and Paste to Background Sheet

I am trying to create a new background sheet by copying information from an existing background and pasteing it in the new background and then making the desired modifications. When I paste, the text is not in the correct location and it changes the text box size. It's like the text needs to be scaled or something. I thought I could copy and paste and it would look the same. Any ideas?

Re: Copy and Paste to Background Sheet

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
If you want to copy everything from one background sheet or working sheet to another, use CTRL+A to select everything on the sheet to copy from. You will see everything highlight.

Use CTRL+C to copy. Then go to the new background sheet or sheet and use CTRL+P to paste the geometry.

The geometry will paste in the same location and scale as it was in on the original sheet.

Make sure you set the proper sheet size in Sheet Setup. You mat think that it is in a different location because the new sheet is not tha same size as the original.

Rick B.