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Copy with base point

How do you copy with base point or origin?

I need to copy geometry from one sheet to another sheet but also need to maintain the base point?

Re: Copy with base point

Not applicable
Copy does not maintain coordinate position.
It allows you to copy geometry anywhere.
Here is a way to do what you want.
Place a point on the new sheet at a location relative to a keypoint of
existing geometry.
If you look at the properties of a line, you can see the underlying
Copy the geometry to the new sheet.
Run the move command and select the geometry you copied.
Make sure you do not include the point in what you copied.
Make sure that the Copy button is not down.
Click on the keypoint of the selected geometry that is relative to the point
you placed for the from point of the move.
Click on the point as the to point of the move.
The geometry will be in the same place on both sheets.
Rick B.