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Copy with mates?


Is there a feature that exists that lets me copy a part and the mates. 

but ask me where i want to reassign the mates


similar to this in SW



(ST9 User Est 01.18)

Re: Copy with mates?

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Siemens Phenom

I believe the closest functionality would be Capture Fit. Once you have placed a component in the assembly with relationships, select the component and run the Capture Fit command. A dialog will appear showing the relationships on that component that can be captured. You can remove any that you do not want to be remembered. You can choose whether or not to save the captured relationships in the component file so that they will be remembered any time you place that component from that point forward. If you choose not to save the captured relationships in the component file, they will be remembered until the document containing the component is closed. Once you have captured the relationships, you will only need to specify the target component / face every time the component is placed or pasted into the assembly. The only caveat is that not all relationship types are supported.


Hope this helps,


Re: Copy with mates?


Further to what @GregLuckett described, here's a video from the official Solid Edge Tip-Tricks channel:







Re: Copy with mates?

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Solution Partner Phenom

Just using the steering wheel to copy will work also.

Hold the CTRL key down before you click the Steering Wheel.

(view in My Videos)


Re: Copy with mates?

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Esteemed Contributor

Hi @MagRiz




and besides all the given answers, which all of them are good and correct (I also would prefer either Capture Fit or Steering Wheel) please do not forget that we have System Libraries too.



Defining a system library not only allows You to save the relations (I don't like the SW word mates), but also to have multiple parts connected to each other and to bring features (holes, cutouts) into the parts too.


For the shown example my personal best methode anyway would be a pattern, using the hole feature or if not that simple You also can use the "Clone" function of ST10



All together seems much better and easier than those copy with mate.

But as always, this only is a personal opinion.


Re: Copy with mates?




As @hawcad mentioned Clone component is a very powerfull feature to "clone" parts with assy relationships.


Here is a video: