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I would like to take views of solid model and paste them into a 2D Model.  Is this possible?


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Are you talking about taking your drawing views in a draft, and putting them onto another drawing view? I'm not sure I understand what you're asking help for.

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Hi there @dgalitzine,


If I understand correctly.....YES,


Using "View Wizard" to place model views in a draft [can also drag a model from Windows Explorer], and configuring the desired view options in the ribbon bar, prior to placing the view on the sheet. [some options can be set afterwards]




or if actual "images" saved of a 3D can, by using "Insert Image", located on the Sketching tab.


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My guess is that he desires the equivilent of the project/flatten command from AutoCAD. This is how AutoCAD can create 2D linework from 3D models. Some companies use this old method to make drawing from AutoCAD 3D models.


With that method. Very small 2D files can be created from very complex 3D objects.


Once you have the 2D views, The drafting work does not require much computer power to 2D draft.

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Does SE have a CGM export? You could do a CGM scrape of the drawing. The file would be drawing a flat/vector based file. Nasty to work with but it works.

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And essentially that is the way Solid Edge works by default... It flattens the 3D models to 2D views that can stand on their own.


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Since @dgalitzine is a new poster and may need more explicit help I made a video of how to

do Sean's suggestion.

(view in My Videos)

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As Ken mentioned, SE flattens the views automatically.  If you want to use those 2D views in other contexts, you can right click and select "convert to 2D view" but this will break the link between the 3D model and the view so keep that in mind.  I have used this technique to create blocks of parts for use in electrical schematics etc.  For general drafting work, however, I see no reason to use anything but what Solid Edge can do automatically when creating draft views.


I would like to get some information about the application so we can figure out the best way to help.



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