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I need help with the  Simplified Assembly command. When I use the command some of the interial faces is markt as exterial faces. I like to manually change them to interial faces but I can't find a way. 




forum.jpgWhen I export my model to .stp to send to a customer it looks weird.


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Re: Create Simplified Assembly command ST5

After Solid Edge analyses the assembly, it will automatically go into 'Modify Results' mode. You can also get into this after the fact by clicking the Visible Faces button again and then clicking the Modify Results button within the toolbar.


Anway, once you're in this mode, clicking any part makes it blue and excludes it completly and shift clicking will undo this. This way, you can manually remove unwanted parts in one go.


If you want to manually select only faces to be removed (not whole parts), I'm not sure if this is possible.

Re: Create Simplified Assembly command ST5

The thing is that SE fails with some faces in some parts and dont make them "interial faces". In this case it is on a shaft that has both internal(pink) and external (grey) faces. 



Re: Create Simplified Assembly command ST5

Are you showing multiple bodies in a single file??