Create principal view

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Hi. How can I create principal view in code (see image below)?


Origin image I created by code:

ModelLinks modelLinks = _draftDoc.ModelLinks;
ModelLink modelLink = modelLinks.Add(_fullName);
DrawingViews drawingViews = _sheet.DrawingViews;

DrawingView drawingView = drawingViews.AddPartView(
    From: modelLink,
    Orientation: orientation,
    Scale: scale,
    x: StUtils.MillimetersToMeters(x),
    y: StUtils.MillimetersToMeters(y),
    ViewType: PartDrawingViewTypeConstants.sePartDesignedView);

drawingView.CaptionDefinitionTextPrimary = caption;

How to create a second view (see figure below)? Which method to invoke for an object drawingViews.AddXXXXX ?



Re: Create principal view

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Click the link below to post the question in the Developer forum:


To answer your question, here are links to in-depth tutorials that show how to create principal views:


using VB.Net

using CSharp


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Re: Create principal view