Creating 3D PDF files

I was able to create 3D files a week or so ago and today when I go to create one it tells me the file cannot be saved.  I have tried this with a couple of different files and tried saving to different folders and it still will not work.  What could have happened?


Re: Creating 3D PDF files

I've rebooted and tried to run a repair...neither worked.

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which SE version and MP?


And which operationg system?








Re: Creating 3D PDF files

Sorry, I should have included that info.  Windows 7, ST6 MP 9.  (was on mp 9...after doing the repair it appears it went back to MP 0.)  I will go in and update to mp 12 seeing as I already have that one downloaded.

Re: Creating 3D PDF files

Loading MP 12 solved the issue.