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Creating an edge normal to a surface

A late happy new year to you all. I have a tricky little problem that I am trying to solve. I am trying to create a solid from 5 surfaces by stitching them together. However I am having difficulty creating the edge shape that I want. The Ruled edge command is the result I want but I need the top edge to be of variable height.


I have used 3D sketch and the sweep tools to create a shape that is similar to what I want but cannot get 3D sketch to create a line normal to the surface. I have also tried by creating a ruled surface and then using the contour curve tool. However there is no way to restrain the curve with dimensions. Also I cannot pick where the edge of the base surface goes from concentric to eccentric.


The sample I have attached is the sweep version so that you get an idea of the shape I am wanting to produce.


I have so far spent a whole day trying to design better, but so far the software is getting the better of me.


Any help with this little problem would be very much appreciated.



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‎02-17-2017 07:39 AM

Re: Creating an edge normal to a surface

Hello Neil,

here is my attempt to create your desired geometry. I am not sure if this is what you want to create.


In my exampe there you can see feature 3D sketch 8, which include two lines normal to your face. I created this using 3D Include command in 3d sketch environment from feature Ruled 4.

Hope this helps you figure it out.



Re: Creating an edge normal to a surface

Hi Ota,


Although your solution was not what I was looking for, it did allow me to find the solution. I split the surface into sections and placed ruled surfaces on each section the height I wanted. Then used the sweep command to produce the correct shape. Then connected all the surfaces.


Attached is the solution.


I greatly appreciated your help with this Ota, many thanks for your time.

Re: Creating an edge normal to a surface


you are welcome.

Sometimes it requres the smallest push :-)