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Creating drawings in different scales


I am brand new to free 2d and a novice at drafting. I would like to use this program
for countertop designs and planning. I cannot figure out how to create a working
drawing in a scale (say 1/4 in = 1 foot etc.) and thus be able to draw the shapes
I need. Can you help?

Re: Creating drawings in different scales

There are specific workflows available to do exactly what you want.
Solid Edge is set up so that you always draw your geometry at 1:1 scale
(actual size). You then use the annotation tools to create the appropriate
drawings at whatever scale you need. The key here is that you do not have to
worry with drawing at a specific scale.
The key to making this work is to make use of 2D Model. 2D Model is a
drawing space with no boundaries. In 2D Model you draw your countertop the
actual size. When you are ready to put it on a drawing, go back to a working
sheet, Sheet1 for example. On the sheet one you can now place a 2D Model
view of the geometry you created in 2D Model. This 2D Model view may be
scaled up or down. For example you want to place a 2D View of the overall
countertop on a D Size Drawing. Change the properties of Sheet1 for D Size.
Place a 2D Model View. You fence the geometry from the 2D Model for placing
the view. Solid Edge will determine what to scale what you selected so that
the appropriate view scale is used. You can now dimension the geometry of
the 2D Model View on the working sheet and the dimensions will read the
actual 1:1 scale value.
Try something simple. Draw a rectangle in 2D Model that is 50 X 10 inches.
Go back to the working sheet and place a 2D Model view of the rectangle.
When you run the 2D Model View command fence in the entire rectangle. Place
the view. Solid Edge will set the scale. You can change the scale also. Now
place a dimension on one of the length lines. The dimension will read 50.
Although the geometry is scaled down to fit on the sheet, the dimension will
read the correct value.
Read Help about 2D Model and 2D Model Views.
You also can work entirely in 2D Model. Read Help about Drawing Area Setup
for a different workflow to accomplish what you want in 2D Model without a
working sheet. Drawing Area Setup allows you do create a scaled up drawing
border to fit around your 1:1 scale geometry. It also scales the dimension
text so that you can see the dimension values as you draw. The scaling is
now done when you print the drawing.
Rick B.