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My first question is, is there a way to populate/write to the embedded Excel sheet generated with a curve by table command. The command will already exist in the part, I just need to find a way to populate that table without physically opening the table. Preferably through automation and programming. If this has been done before, can anyone link me to where?


Second, is it possible to control/populate a curve by table with an equation? I would prefer to have the curve driven by an equation with the equation having, say, 2 or 3 inputs defined in the Variable Table. Or, if there is a way to write to the curve by table Excel sheet the inputs can be changed that way for the equation.




Re: Curve by Table Driven by Equation

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Please see if this suits your needs:


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Re: Curve by Table Driven by Equation

Thank you for your reply. It does help somewhat, in your opinion, is it plausible for this be modified to take multiple variable inputs and create a 3D curve in a 3D sketch instead of a 2D sketch? 




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Sorry about that. I have no idea how to create a 3D curve or 3D sketch from a list of points with x-,y-,z-coords. If you tell me the way, I will try to write a program.


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There doesn't appear to be any option for spline curves in a 3D sketch - just lines and arcs.

I would suggest it has to be done using a Keypoint Curve, or Curve by Table.

For me, the better option would be curve by table as the curve can more easily be modified.

The only thing to remember is that the first 3 columns in the table/spreadsheet have to contain the X,Y & Z co-ordinates, so any additional variables/calculations have to be done in column C onwards.

I also found (with the program I mentioned in @Tushar's linked thread) that the first couple of segments of the curve can be a bit off.

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