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Curved Helix/Spring?


Anyone know how I can create a curved helix? Basically I'm looking to emulate a coiled spring.
I know you can use the helix command to create a straight spring, along a linear axis, but what if you have a curved axis?
I was able to come up with a curved spring, but it is flat (probably because of my cross section)
What I did was to create an curved line (arc) and made a circle to be used as a cross section. Then I used the swept feature with the "twists" and it just created the curved helix for me. The only problem with this is that the spring is flat, I'm looking for a more traditional spring where is is circular all around.
I think this is because its just using the circle that I have for the cross section, when then lends itself to a flatter spring. I don't how to create a cross section that is oval that would achieve the circular shape to the spring I'm looking for. Or maybe I need to put the circle at a different angle then perpendicular to the axis (but then, what angle?).
I've attached a picture of what I was able to come up with.
Anyone have an easier way of creating a curved circular spring?
Here are some examples of what I'm looking for: