Curves in broken views not editable


Hello guys. This is a weird issue.


Inside a drafty, as far as I make the sketch for a broken view using just lines or arcs, there's no problem if I have to edit that sketch in the future (for example if the part referenced changes) to adjust the broken view.


However, if I use a spline instead of that, I can no longer move or edit it. If I mix the spline with some straight lines, I will be just able to move the end points of the curve, the rest remains fixed, which is annoying.





For certain drafts, a curved contour for the broken views feels more intuitive, that's why I would loke to solve this, if possible.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Re: Curves in broken views not editable


Have you tried clicking the 'Modify Profile' button in the Command bar which allows to modify the spline.


15-May-14 3-15-13 AM.png


~Tushar Suradkar