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Custom Title Block




I´m new to Solid Edge and i'm having some major issues with the Title Block (TB) definition that's costing me a lot of time.

I want to create specific title block's for Assembly's, for part's, and for sheet metal. The TB's will have some common properties, and some specific ones:

- In the sheet metal TB i need the surface area in m2 and zero tolerance, the lenght x extent dimensions with 0,1 tolerance (without displayng the dimension unit "mm"), and the mass properties with 0,1 tolerance;

- In the part TB i need the extrusion lenght with 0,1 tolerance, without displayng the dimension unit (mm)

Where can i find a tutorial to learn how to do that?


Re: Custom Title Block

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

There are many places:

Your Tube is good

Ally PLM has decent vids

and if you want to put just a little bit, Solid mastermind is how I got started.


If all you want is different tible block, you could just add mutiple A size blocks to a single file.

Once you want different setting for tolerance, # of digits etc, then you will want seporate files for each case.

Re: Custom Title Block


Thank you @12GAGE,

I found the ansewrs i needed on youtube and finnaly got my title block working exactly as i want.