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Custom properties vs Document Number and Title?

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For the last decade we have used custom properties to populate the title blocks on our drawings.  In particular we use custom properties for the drawing number and several custom properties for each line in the title.  We are now looking at replacing one of the drawing title custom properties with the standard Title attribute and the drawing number custom property with the Document Number attribute.  Part of the reason for this is moving towards automatic file naming using a unique number generator and thus needing to search for files by attributes in conjunction with file indexing.  Now we could just use the attributes we have but there is a push to use the Document Number and Title as they are stock standard attributes.


I am just wondering how you guys populate the drawing number and description fields on your title blocks?  Do you use the Document Number and Title attributes or dedicated custom properties?  What issues if any have you run into?  Any feedback you have would be great!


Betreff: Custom properties vs Document Number and Title?

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Hi @chrisstandring




we are using the standard document properties as title, subjcet, document number and so on.


I know other users, who have defined all their properties as custom props.


One big issue here might be the use of different languages in operating system and software.


So standard properties have different names in English, French or German which might cause big problems for any automation and standardisation.


In such a case the use of custom properties which self defined unique names might be the right way.

if You only using one language their is nothing against theuse of standard document props.

The integration into indexing, fast search etc. seems to be a little easier.



Re: Custom properties vs Document Number and Title?

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Title = name

Document Number = part number

Or for short in this post (Name and #)


I use  the Gage name to display sheet metal gages that part of the Gage XLS file


I use one custom property I call "SHAPE"

This stores the description of anything I use for frame parts like "CHANNEL 4x4.5#/FT CS"


The next part of my solution, nobody else here likes, but have not found a better solution.


When I display a parts list, raw materials lilke gages and shapes are used to create items of an assembly. Even if the drawing is of a single sheet metal part. That drawing has a name and number in the draft using the same name and # slots. But that singel part does not contain the name and # because the raw material is not that part until the work is finished shown on that drawing. So then when you want to insert that part into another assembly, I then need to show the name and #. To get that done, I insert that single part into an assembly that has that name and # for  display in the parts list of the next assembly.





Re: Custom properties vs Document Number and Title?

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We have decided to stick with the status-quo and continue using the custom properties.  There were going to be more downsides otherwise with no real benefits.


Thanks to all who replied!