Custom variable table

Is there a way to create a separate custom window into the variable table?


Say I have 10 exposed variables and 200 more working the background. Is there a way to permanently display say 5 variables in a menu that can be edited and in control?


Re: Custom variable table

Have you used filters? (small blue funnel looking icon)



I prefer to use the "Nambed By:" set to "Users" only and then I am just intensional about the names I give variables.  This will only show variables I have named.




Re: Custom variable table

Yes, but I was hoping to create a table that would consciously present the variables that are designed to control the model. Most of the time it's X, Y, Z for the overall size, but sometimes there are another two or three variables. If the model file had a dialog box that explicitly presented them. The next time I pull up that file, I would know exactly how it was set up.


This would also allow me to place a description of the variable or the limits of valid values right next to the variable input. Notes like X>Y>9. Then when I pull up a file a year later (50,000 files later) I would remember the situations the file was designed to work with.


If I can finish figuring out how to use Sync over ordered, then I may also want to include FOA/FOP  switches into the proposed dialog box. Right now I use XYZ to control plane positions. With Sync that becomes a dimension variables.