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Cut Command Distance, Step

I've been using the cut command, basically a hit and miss. I have this document which is in circumference. Finish with the sketch, open the cut command the plane is set in the center

of the circumference.

Is the distance used for the bottom to the top, and the step used for the thickness. Or, Is the 

distance used from the axis to the sketch.

Cannot find an other plane to work in the part.




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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

The Step distance is the increment the cut or protrusion...

The Step distance is the increment the cut or protrusion will move in when you visually drag it around with the cursor. For example, set 0.001", and it will look like it expands fluidly. Set 0.5", and depending on your model scale, your cut now expands in 'blocks' as you tug the cursor around. 


You are in "Finite Extent" mode for the cutout, meaning it wants you to specify a distance for the extent of the cutout. There are other modes, such as "Through Next" and "Through All" that might give you what you want here. Switch between these modes by clicking on the boxes that have the purple cylinders running through them. 


It also sounds like you have a part that does not have any surfaces square to where you want to begin your cut. You can place additional planes anywhere you want to make up for this. There is a Planes group directly to the right of the Select button on the Home tab in the ribbon. Click the dropdown button and you can see many, many plane types you can create.


-Dylan Gondyke