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Cut Extrude Multiple Faces


Hello, I have a part with a complex surface and want to extrude cut everything (the end result would be a single flat face which is fine). I have tried selecting every face and extrude cutting. I can select most of the faces, but they won't all cut. I say most because there is a threaded hole I haven't been able to get every face.  


I would prefer if I could just draw a sketch encompassing all of the faces and extrude cut using the sketch. Is that possible?





I just created a plane at the point I wanted the part cut to, sketched a circle and it did extrude cut everything. Not sure why it thinks there's a difference. 


Another problem, copied the part and recreated the offset plane, but now when I go to sketch on it it will only draw on the top plane, not the one I created. It won't sketch on any plane except the top. Did I somehow lock that plane?


Managed to get the lock to come up, did nothing different. This program seems to be very persnickety.



Re: Cut Extrude Multiple Faces

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Gears Honored Contributor

Hello Garnet,


If you are ale to see the plane in the PathFinder, pick from there.

A snapshot image of the issue will certainly help if you can post it.


Best Regards,

Tushar Suradkar


Re: Cut Extrude Multiple Faces


F3 is the key to toggle plane lock/unlock. When locked, you will see an icon on the right side of the graphics window indicating such. If you don't lock a plane, the software infers where you want to draw by what plane you hovered over last, where your cursor is, etc..

-Dylan Gondyke