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Cut length, dropping trailing 0's

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Honored Contributor

Take a look at the attached PDF. In this case I had to use both fame members and old fashion modeled angles (why is another thread/problem report).


My question is, why do the frame members show up with trailing 0's and the old fashion modeled ones don't.


Here is the formatting of the Cut1 Column.

%{Flat_Pattern_Model_CutSizeX/@3N/CP/NU|G}%{Cut Length|G}%{L/@3/NU/CP|G}%RT


the Cut 1 column is set up to handle three possible part types.

1. sheet metal ....cut X

2. frame members

3. The variable L.


In this case, with the old fashion model of angles, I label the extrusion length "L" and expose that for display in the list.


My question is, what is controlling the trailing 0's? The draft file has the trailing 0's shut off, and this controls the display of everything other than the cut lengths of frame members.


What controls the trailing 0's when a frame member cut length is displayed?


Note: Using ST7 MP10(I think)




Re: Cut length, dropping trailing 0's


I notice in the plat pattern formula you have /@3N

Is the 'N' your problem ?

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Re: Cut length, dropping trailing 0's

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I hope you get an answer to this, for I'm having the same issue. Although I use LL instead of L, and I generally use a pmi dimension placed after the part is done being modeled, because sometimes parts get cut, so the original extrusion wouldn't be any good to expose in those cases.

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Re: Cut length, dropping trailing 0's

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Honored Contributor

have not figured it out yet. My current stumbling block is the digits in the frame files. I have them all set up to 7 digits in the model file. When I set the frame to display 3 digits, I think 7 are trying to show up and because there is not enough room, nothing shows up.


My guess is the programming group for frames did not connect the feature for drafting trailing 0's on/off.