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Cut text in part takes long time


Dear Members,


I want to create a data plate for a device in which the text is cut out. My problem is that any modifications on the part, when the part redrawn, are taking a lot of time (5 mins, and only one word is cutted out yet). Is this normal? See the attached picture for the texts.

Are there any methods for creating texts on a part which can be shown on draft drawing?Data_table.jpg


Re: Cut text in part takes long time

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @magiclevinho,


Are you sure you want them cut out? [I pressume THAT is the part that takes a long time to process]....or is that so you can get them to show in the draft?


You could leave it as a "Sketch" in the plate model, or also, in Sheet Metal you can use the "Etch" command, which is then suitable for laser etching, etc.

Both of these methods can easily be displayed in the draft, via the view properties, select the "Parts List Option" button to see all options, click on the sketch you want to display in that view, and check the box to "Show" should be good to go.



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Re: Cut text in part takes long time



Thank you! I thought I will have to cut it, but it is not neccessary, as long as I can show it in the drawing.

Thank You again!