Cut with surface in assembly mode



I would like to cut the part using surface from another part, all parts located in assembly mode.

How to do that ?


On the picture - assembly mode.


I used to use the substract feature but there is a small problem - see first  pic.cut with surface in assembly mode - 2.png


Thank you for any sygestions.




Arekcut with surface in assembly mode.png

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Re: Cut with surface in assembly mode

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I have not fully understood the issue but nevertheless tried to work in the direction.

I opened the cylindrical test part from the test assembly I created and created a offset surface with zero offset distance.


Inside the assembly, right-clicked the part in the PathFinder and check ON display for Surfaces for the part.


So I have a surface to use in the Subtract workflow.

Does this gets you closer to achieving what you want to do ?






Re: Cut with surface in assembly mode

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Hi Tushar,


so in conclusion, do I have to create a surface as a new tool - always, or could I use the surface from second part ?





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Re: Cut with surface in assembly mode

Go into the bracket part and bring in an inter part copy of the blue surface.  Then create an intersection curve and use that to cut away the excessive material.  Note that you should NOT do a subtract because you probably want the cut edge to be normal.