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Cutting a section in ST5 Free2d?

I am trying to locate how to create a section in Free2D ST5. I have found information on Cutting Plane, but it seems as though these function are disabled. Is there an icon in one of the menus that allows you to put section marks on the drawing without having to draw the section lines and add the text and draw an arrowhead manually?

Re: Cutting a section in ST5 Free2d?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
OK, the Cutting Plane command requires a 'drawing view' to be able to create a cut line. If you draw directly on the Working Sheet, you will not have a 'drawing view" to select. The correct procedure would be to create your orthographic views on the 2D Model sheet and then use the 2D Model command on the Working Sheet to place a 'drawing view' of each on the Working Sheet (you can then create alignments between them if you wish). After that has been done, you can now place a Cutting Plane line. Obviously you cannot use the Section View command because all you have is a flat image to pull from which would only yield a line, but if you had modeled your part in 3D, you would then be able to generate the section...


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