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Cutting a section in ST5 Free2d?

I am trying to locate how to create a section in Free2D ST5. I have found information on Cutting Plane, but it seems as though these function are disabled. Is there an icon in one of the menus that allows you to put section marks on the drawing without having to draw the section lines and add the text and draw an arrowhead manually?
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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Cutting a section in ST5 Free2d?

Hi there, As far as I'm aware, this functionality is "only" used based on having a 3D file to cut sections through....I believe the tool is "disabled" only because of this...and is not different to commercial & academic versions, if there was no 3D data to reference for sectioning. 2D views (sections, or otherwise) will all be unique, as in other 2D apps.
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