DBSolidEdge PDM experiences???

We are looking for a PDM to fit our company (25 Solid Edge seats split evenly between two locations).  We have ~400 to 500Gb of SE data, which much of is not currently used, but may be used as a reference for a new part.  We tried Insight/SharePoint and had two problems.  First was the amount of data we have: apparently SP doesn't like to have more than 200Gb of data in the database.  The second problem we had was synchronizing the files at the two locations.


Last year we looked at TeamCenter, and while that looks like it would do what we need, the price is higher than we want to spend.


Now we are looking at DBSolidEdge and I would like to know if anyone here has any experience with them; or any of the other Solid Edge PDM/PLM Partners.





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Hello Brian,

We have 7 seat of Solid Edge for SharePoint and our data is more than 200Gb. Microsoft recommends that a SQL database is no larger than 200Gb. However, with the use of remote BLOB you can move a large amount of data out of the database file.


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We have customers with more than 100 Solid Edge seats and at least 700 GB of Solid Edge data managed by SharePoint and Insight without any problems! They use the BLOP-Technology to store the data externally but there also customers with DB size more than 200GB and they also work successfully. 

So there might be problem in configuration and/or HW issues!


To connect two site(multisite) there are some solutions out there:

1. If there are just a few seats (2-3) than you can make use if the Caching technology that is built-in in Insight

2. If there are more seats to handle than we use a third party application that controls the synchronisation between the servers. With this application you can synchronize in realtime the status of the files (checked-in/checkd-out) and you can also control which of the data should by available on which server. It is easy to handle and everything is customized by a web interface


If you need more details get in touch with me!



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We use the Autodesk Inventor version here at my company (DBInventor) and have been happy with both the performance and the responsiveness of our reseller (Integrated Partner Solutions) as well as Mechworks itself (parent company.)


We've had a few minor issues and they've gotten fixed extremely quickly with a service pack, and IPS has written us custom scripts to do certain things at no extra cost aside from our annual subscription. They've even custom made instruction sheets for certain tasks.


I also like the fact that all Mechworks does is PDM, so they have to be responsive and on top of things, this is the only product they sell, it's not a secondary thing like some of the CAD vendors.


Obviously I can't talk specifically about DBSolidEdge, but I've been happy with DBInventor and I have friends that use the SolidWorks version and they've been equally happy.

-Seth M. Holmes

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First post, hello Siemens PLM Community.

I was about to post this as a new thread, but my question is excactly the same as Brianw, except we are much smaller (3 seats instead of 25).


I can't believe nobody has DBSolidEdge experience other than inov8works with DBInventor? So the question for DBSolidEdge users still stands: How do you like it? Is it stable with ST7 on Windows 8.1 Pro? Is the tech support good for custom scripts etc?

Our department is taking a serious look at it, it has the capabilities we are looking for (revision and document control, part number categorizing, ECNs, etc) and we just installed a 30 day trial on our SQL server.

We got warnings about tech support with Insight and SolidEdge SP (finger pointing between GTAC and Microsoft when problems come up) and we rely on software maintenance agreements instead of having an army of internal IT support. TeamCenter looks like overkill for our needs, company size, and budget. That led us to MechWorks which is more in our price range.

In preliminary testing / sales webinars, we saw registry errors on the MechWorks side, and I got two SolidEdge termination errors on our side, so I'm a bit apprehensive at this early stage, but excited at the possibility of automating some of the manual data entry burden. Right now I am good friends with Rev Mgr, but weary of keeping up with part numbering and data management in excel spreadsheets... there has to be a better way and I think PDM is it. In the future we may integrate with our E2 ERP software too, and use multi-site with one other user on the other side of the country, anybody had success with that?

Thanks in advance!

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SESP isn't free. Insight is "free".

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

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Yes, thanks for the correction, I corrected my first post accordingly. I think our reseller does not provide tech-support for SESP or Insight, just TeamCenter.

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"reseller does not provide tech-support for SESP or Insight, just TeamCenter."

That's unfortunate.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

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Have you had a chance to look at the SQL BLOB functions, yet? This should resolve your problems with SQL and is a normal function that people use.


SESP, as I understand it, is designed for single site customers. But as already mentioned can be setup in a multi-site configuration using 3rd party synchronization tools..or you can get a dedicate data "pipe" and connect back to the HQ.


Teamcenter is built and designed around multi-CAD, multi-site, multi-users needs. When compared to other software out there, the investments in Teamcenter aren't that bad compared to the cost and maintenance of other solutions.


If you decide to go with other tools you need to assess how much risk your organization is will to take by investing in other tools. And there are plenty of risks.

Re: DBSolidEdge PDM experiences???

If you decide to go with other tools you need to assess how much risk your organization is will to take by investing in other tools. And there are plenty of risks.


Thanks Ryan, I'm a grasshopper here, what are some of these risks you speak of?