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DXF imported as polyline curve

 Hey guys,

im trying to import an laser etching file into solid edge from illustrator.

ive saved the illustrator file as a DXF and when im importing the DXF into solid edge ive gone into the options and tried both ticking and unticking the "covert polylines as simple elements" box.

both do not work.


i open the DXF in the draft environment and then copy the DXF into a part file.

when i try to extrude the objects within the part environment the geometry doesnt allow me to select it.

its unusable, i think its looking at it as a curve, im not sure how to convert this into usable geometry.

i work from DXF very often, and this is a problem ive only just experienced. so im guessing its something to do with how illustrator handles DXF files.


Has anyone else had this experience, and does anyone have a work around?


Re: DXF imported as polyline curve

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Can you attach the DXF here?

Also mention your SE version and MP version.