Deactivate Parts in the ASM

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I am in front of a problem. I hope someone can help me as i can´t find any discustions about it.

First of all i have made a Project for our customer. (File´s -> ASM). Now we had to update it and he wants a STP-File from the old version and the new one. Is there any resolution for deactivating psm/par from the asm for generating a stp ?

What i would not recommend - making a 2nd asm without the files.

What i have allready tried - Group the parts + Right click + Don t Show & Deactivate - Save As - xxxFilenamexxx - Type: .stp - open the stp file and everything is activated again.


I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me.

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Re: Deactivate Parts in the ASM

Hide the par e psm model that you can't show into stp file

File-->Save AS STP but first that you save the file select OPTION and select ONLY VIEW PART




Re: Deactivate Parts in the ASM



another Option would be to use configurations or Zones

ZoneZoneDisplay ConfigurationDisplay Configuration


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