Default stainless steel texture



By default, stainless steel (304) has a blue color. I want this to be textured but i cannot find a proper texture. In the program files of solid edge is only a brushed steel and cast steel but these are not what i'm looking for. Any suggestions? I think it doesn't look nice to a customer to show a picture where stainless steel is blue.


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Re: Default stainless steel texture

You can set the colour to be whatever you like. Use the "styles" box to create your own stainless steel face style with just a colour or textures or whatever you want. In the material table, you can then link that style with the material.


However, if you're rendering in Keyshot, you can use the 'material template' function to change all the stainless steel parts to any other style in the keyshot library - there's hundreds of options there.

Re: Default stainless steel texture

I went with silver for SS. Looks really cool on screen. For me the main things was to easily see carbon vs stainless vs aluminum.