Design Body on/off

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I must have cklicked some setting because if I create a part,, I constantly have to switch on "show all - design body". Otherwise I don't see the protrusion I have drawn.


Also when I want to make a cutout on a previous protrusion, that protrusion dissapears as soon as I have to draw the cutout.


Does anybody know where this setting is to constantly showw all design bodies? It lmust be a general SE setting, becaus if a college open the part, he sees it all.


many Thanks, Johan


Re: Design Body on/off

Maybe you could attach the sample part?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Design Body on/off

With the part is nothing wrong, It works on a collueges workstation. i reinstalled SE completely and now it works. Was looking too long for the setting.