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Design Manager Fail to Delete Issues


I have filed IR for this issue but am curious if anyone else has this problem? It is totally random and occurs

even when processing files only from Design Manager.

            (yes, I am a victim of the fall creator update)

see video

(view in My Videos)


Re: Design Manager Fail to Delete Issues


So,it seems like no one has this issue.Here is a recap of what is happening.While releasing files in Design Manager it will release the part correctly but,will throw an error "cannot delete " for a few parts (at random and no files are open in Solid Edge) , I am able to delete those parts manually with no problem.

                  I updated to Windows version 1803 and that did not make a difference,now after upgrading to Solid Edge 2019 the problem still persists.I am thinking it might be an issue with network or server.Any suggestions anyone ?

        Here is some of my system info :



and for file server I am using Windows 2008 r2.