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[Design Manager] Property manager?

In the old Revision Manager it was possible to access file properties both for solid edge files and for a whole folder. This last feature was very useful to add/modify/delete a custom property on all files in a certain directory, without the need to open the parent assembly. I'm unable to manage file properties for file and folder from Design Manager. File properties can be managed form Solid Edge, bot I don't find how to manage file properties for files in a folder.


Example: I have a folder with 100 draft files, and I want to add the same custom property to all. How to do this in Design Manager, coping and pasting from one file to all the other ones?

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‎06-01-2017 01:30 PM

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Hi @Alessandro




I think You are mixing up here something.


The global change of file properties for multiple files which are currently not opend IMHO only worked with Property Manager and not with Revision Manager


And using Property Manager still offers You the same functionallity




Re: [Design Manager] Property manager?

Hi Alessandro,


You can stil do this, but only from within Solid Edge when you don't have any files open: Click the application button in the top left corner, then Info and then Property Manager.



Betreff: [Design Manager] Property manager?

@Alessandro is correct - In ST7 you can open Property Manager from Revision Manager.

Start Rev Manager and then click the application icon > Properties > Property Manager.

You can then open a folder full of files to modify.

The same applies in SE, but you do it before opening a file - once you have a file open in SE you only get properties for that file.

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Betreff: [Design Manager] Property manager?

It's still in Design Manager under the application button.

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Betreff: [Design Manager] Property manager?

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Many thanks to you and to all others that gave to me suggestions, and I apologize for answering so late, but I had a very busy day (BTW it is better to suffer for lack of time than the reverse! :-) ).


The solution was simple, may be I was "lost in transition" jumping from V18 to ST9!


Have a nice weekend!

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