Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

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I think that this issue has just been commented, at least indirectly, but I wanted to post anyway.


In order to copy an assembly along all linked drafts we use the Design Manager 'Where Used' function to get all linked drafts and copy them along with the parts/assemblies.


As far as I have seen, once 'Where Used' is launched, all operations are terrific slow on Design Manager. Just 'Selecting All Components' can takes minutes; the same for 'Save As' or, in general, any operation you wanna choose before 'Applying Actions'. I'm talking of an assembly of about 400-500 parts and 300 drafts, all placed in a nice "local" SSD disk. Can't imagine a better scenario, it's nearly a toy to play with!


Even without using 'Where Used' for drafts purposes, the whole workflow is very slow, with long delays for every choice, something that never happened in old Revision Manager


Once all is configured, the file actions themselves are quite fast, and all files get copied and re-linked successfully in the time expected, as in old RM. Even 'Where Used' itself works fine searching for linked drafts! Why those delays just for selecting or configuring over a pre-loaded data, without any requirement of file searching, indexing and so?


Before Design Manager, the old approach we used was copy just the assembly with the old Revision Manager (no need Where Used fuctionality) and then manually copy draft files. In order to re-link the drafts to the new copied assembly, 'Redefine Links' was the tool. It requiered a bit of old-school path/link playing, but all worked fine and the whole process for an assembly (about 400 parts + 300 drafts) was completed nicely in few minutes.


We didn't used 'Where Used' in RM because it was not easy to select all drafts in a buch to copy over a new location with same folder structure, as Design manager allows, so 'Redefine Links' was a better approach. 


The software never was a bottle-neck, and all operations completed in the time one can expect from the file management duties themselves over a hard disk.


I don't understand all this, since the functionality added (cosmetic issues and some logical folder fucntions) is far from expecting a core re-design that could lead to new unexpected problems.


Once all is configured, the actions themselves are quite fast, as expected, and all files get copied and re-linked successfully.


New DM should be great without these annoyances, hope it's not a wide spread problem...


Any ideas of what to do? Thanks in advance! 


Edit: I have switched OFF the default option of 'looking for draft files automatically' and now things seem to work a bit better. However, notable delays persist when selecting 'Save As' and other options, before any action really taking place. A bit strange having in mind that we are talking of a local SSD on a fairly simply assembly... can't imagine what would happen on network scenarios. Minutes? Hours?





Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

I didnt migrate to ST 9 just because these little issues on DM I see people commenting here.  I also use a lot of RM on ST8, more for duplicating independent similar projects (parts, assemblies and drafts) than to revise them.  In RM I have some 'lag' issues during some operations, but I'm used to it, and I keep the smallest folders list as possible before apply some search (and I even added 'Property Manager' and 'Edit Links' buttons to Quick access Toolbar to save some extra time).


I expected some system speed improvements, as Windows 10 seems to be more polished and lightweight than W8.  I hope next MPs focus on that.

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Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

We're finding DM is not working the same (read: as well) as RM did.

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Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

I must say that 'Pack and Go' works fine, as far as you just want to copy all components and drafts to a new location (which is whay we usually do most of the time), with no delays nor strange performance issues.


However, as far as we have tested, if drafts are involved (Where Used choice), playing around in DM with different paths and options around the assembly components it's truly a pain. Not sure if we are doing something wrong but, otherwise, this functionality is simply useless. I bet this could be improved, since the delays have no real sense. Also, I noticed a strange bug when components with no drafts are involved, in which a 'black link' appeared and it should be manually cleared from defined actions before Applying Actions.


I must say that we have reverted back to ST8; not for this, but for a CRITICAL API issue on accessing suboccurrences information on an assembly (posted in the developer forum) which, in sort, doesn't allow us to use our in-house solid-edge-linked-to-software at all. We hope all these things will be adressed soon an we have a truly polished ST9!


Thanks for your answers.

Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

I can confirm that file (de)selection is much slower (select by type, for example). This may have to do with the new user interface. Maybe the new code can be optimized.


The Where Used search action to find DFT's is much slower when Windows indexing is used.

Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

And I hope that each of you who has found issues with DM are logging them as an IR through your VAR/reseller or GTAC so that they can be fixed... 


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Re: Design Manager + Where Used = Nightmare!

@Grundey, When I get something that's repeatable and involves an assembly with fewer parts so I can easily demonstrate the problem to GTAC, I'll do so. Up to now it's mostly involved large assemblies and problems that other users are running into and we don't have the luxury of time to halt the documentation task and build a case for an IR.

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