Develop3D Live Presentation by Dan Staples

Thanks to @SeanCresswell for sharing this link on Twitter.


Can't wait for that Generative Design and Missing Link to be standard in Solid Edge.


I also like that @dcstaples makes sure to (repeatedly) mention Solid Edge side-by-side with all the other Siemens spiel.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Develop3D Live Presentation by Dan Staples

This looks very cool!  Thanks for posting Scott.

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Dan's whole presentation was impressive. My questions, will some of these capabilities come at an additional cost and when will those additional break down of costs be available?


Just one more request, the transformation on the car stand from one shape to the other in under 2 minutes and other presentations that are extremely fast like it, I would like to learn all the shortcut keys and commands and steering wheel inputs that are used to accomplish this transformation. In other words, I would like a step by step list done by video explaining the "how to". This could be such a great learning tool if the effort was put forth to help all interested users of Solid Edge grasp the steps and practice them to help instill the use of shortcuts-commands and steering wheel inputs making everyone more efficient. Keep education of the use of Solid Edge as a priority.....Thanks

                                                                                 Sincerly wanting to learn it all

                                                                                                 Mitch Lindeken



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This synchronous technology demostration is amazing: