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Different x and y scales

I used to use a trick in AutoCAD by blocking an object and inserting it
with different x and y scales to stretch it in one dimension. Most of
my drawings are long cylindrical tools so that you can not see detail in
the diameter. Example, a 10 foot by 3 inch tool. So I like to use a
compressed longitudinal scale.
I tried the choices available on block insertion but can't find a
choice. Does anyone know a work around or a feature? It's not the same
as simply stretching to reduce the length. I would really like to have
1:2 scale in y and 1:20 in x.

Re: Different x and y scales

I have attached an example that may help you create drawings of your parts.
In Solid Edge you typically draw your geometry at 1:1 scale. Then use the
view creation and annotation tools to create a drawing of your geometry.
When you open the file you will see 2D Model views on Sheet1. The geometry
for the views is on the Model Sheet.
In the upper example I created drawing views of the diameter and length of
the part. The length needs to be broken to dimension the overall length on
the drawing. I added break lines to cut out the middle of the part. Now a
dimension may be placed between the two vertical ends. The dimension will
produce the correct length value based on the actual length of the geometry.
In the second example I created a cropped view of the length. I modified the
dimension properties to disable the display of the dimension arrow and
projection line on the right hand end. Then I dragged the handle on the
right hand end back over the displayed view of the part.
I know this is a brief description of what I did, but hopefully it will give
you enough information to understand the concepts behind drawing view
creation and cropping.
Rick B.