Dimension Alignment Movement

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     Myself and collegues are having some issues in ST7 with the dimensions on drawings updating in what seems an erratic way on saving, and was wondering if anyone had seen anything similar or knew any solution.    This can be recreated with the following steps:


1. Create desired alignment set (With the 'maintain alignment' feature activated:



2.  Upon saving/moving the view, the dimensions shift:








Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

with a reapeateable test case we'd ask that you please work with your VAR or GTAC direct and file and IR.


Repeatable test cases are always the key...  and since you have one, please fiel this...


I had seen this behaviour in ST5 when the alignment sets were 1st added but had since been fixed...



Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

I've seen this behaviour regularly in St7, although I can't remember the last time.

Could never pin it down to anything in particular, and always ended up re-dimensioning.

I wonder if it's the mixture of stacked and string dimensions in one set ?

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Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

This is a problem we have tracked through ST6, and hoped would be fixed in ST7. What MP of ST7 are you using?

Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

I saw something this earlier today on ST7 MP8.


A sure fire way to do it is to dimension a view then rotate it, insta broken dims.

Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

Thanks Everyone for your responses,


Forgive me for my ignorance but i am not entirely certain what maintenance pack i am running, my system displays SE as version, is that sufficient information?



Re: Dimension Alignment Movement

Hi there Dan,


That version number is the "stock" installation from the DVD. [or download].....if you are on active maintenance, then I would highly recommend downloading & installing the latest maintenance pack for ST7, which is MP08.


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Re: Dimension Alignment Movement


What you show looks like my Insight Client version info.

Below it in the image is the SE version info. The "0603" means it was on MP6 at the time.

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