Dimension Problem with Tolerances

Hi Edgers,

after discussions with GTAC in the last couple of weeks, 
first getting an PR number with prior 2 followed by a change to an enhancement request
 I will ask the community for help me, finding out what is wrong with my point of view.


Situation is following:


Take a 3D part with dimensions and tolerances, create a drawing
and retrieve the dimensions from the 3D document.

So far a "normal" procedure.


You will get the draft view with retrieved dimensions and tolerances.

This is - in my opinion - the idea behind 3D CAD, PMI
and one of the big advantages of synchronous technology.

To define everything once in the 3D document, rather then doing it a couple of times in 3D and in the draft again.



So far everything OK.


But now, let's assume, that we have to change a dimension in the 3D part - what obviously can occur more or less in real live.

If this is only a normal dimension, then the SE changing  tracker of the draft will inform You to have to update Your draft views with the dims.


But what happens if You only change a tolerance?

There will be no info about update draft views.


Even worse, if You change the dimension and the tolerance in 3D .

Then there will be the info about necessary updating but Solid Edge only will update the main dimension but not the tolerance itself.


So this results in a wrong draft giving You 2 different results in dimensioning and tolerancing for 3D document and draft document.

You have the new dim value with the old tolerance in the draft!


And You will not have any chance to find out this.


For me this looks like an error which should be solved
rather then a new functionallity for future releases.


May be somebody in here the community can help me and explain to me,
what we are doing wrong in considering this behaviour as an error rather then a missing function.


If there is a problem with tolerances, then SE must not retrieve them anyway.

That means also not from the beginning.

But SE does so.


regards and thanks for any explanation




Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances

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Hi Wolfgang,


GTAC perhaps sees the dimension changes as something that affects the appearance and correctness of the drawing views generated from the model.


Since the tolerance do not directly affect the correctness of the representation of the model projected on the Drawing sheet in the form of Drawing Views and the dimensions thereof, hence they are not being included in tracking.


Tolerance is something that I or you are using to convey design intent like surface finish and accuracy to the shop floor regarding machining of the part, hence it is being viewed as an ER.


Your requirement is fully understood though and I am sure many would subscribe to the same.





Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances



Wow, yea...  no good!


I had a similar experance years ago when we noted that the tolerance fields in drafts were just text fields.  SO if you had a dimension of 1.000 inch +/- .010  and changed the property of the dimension to metric you would be left with 25.4 +/- .010  this is a compleatly different tolerance than speced...   the property was not converting the tolerance becaseu it was only a "dumb" text box.


I too contacted GTAC and believed this to be an Error needing fixed ASAP, but similar to your situation the software was work as designed to work so this would need to be an enhancement request.  this issue is not fixed as you will note tolerances can be a text or unit field user choice...


So with your issue, i assume all will agree this is not the desired behaviour...  the is no code in the software currently asking for this to happen,  this this can not be submitted as a PR...  it will need to be an ER.  and as such most likly will not be fixed in a MP but in a major release.


understand the frustration and this is indeed a very "scary" problem....



Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances





if this is interest for anybody:


this is the call number: PR 7377923


Although I'm not sure wether this is now an ER or a PR


Fact here is, that we will get wrong drawings without any notification that the are not up to date!






Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances



this could not only be a matter of code, since in the first retrieving of dimensions they will read out the tolerances and bring them onto the draft.


The question here is, why is there no update or at least a notification that there is something out of date.

or if they are updating the drawing vies or the dimensions (if the values itself had changed)
why is tolerance not read out again?












Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances

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so, since there are no changes or modifications in ST8, I will bring up this thread again, hoping, thst there will be SE users having the same situation and similar problems.


This might be the right moment to log it again and expecting changes in ST9.


There is the info about tolerance table functionallitax for ST9, but to be honesz, what can they do for me, if the tolerance value itself is wrong and not according to the 3D model.







Re: Dimension Problem with Tolerances

A user has come to me with another tolerancing problem (ST7 MP10) - I was going to start a new topic but thought I'd add it to this one instead


He had changed the units of the draft file from mm to m so that his frame lengths appeared in meters in the parts list.

Dimensions on the drawing are shown in mm but it is converting tolerances to file units.

So, a dimension of 250 with a tolerance of ±2 would show as 250±2000


This is clearly not correct - tolerances should take on the same units as the dimension.

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