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Dimension for inspection ...

Hi Edgers,


I would like to know how do you identify dimension as critical dimension or dimension for inspection.


My goal is to be able to numbers those dimension (so it can easily be referenced on an inspection sheet at quality inspection department) and have a table indicating the location (coordinate) of the dimension.


See attached PDF.


Your feedback, experience, do's and don't, ... are very welcome.






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Re: Dimension for inspection ...


In the Command Bar, in the Tolerance area, you can designate a dimension as inspection. This works when you;re making new dimension on drawings or parts, but I suspect your question is how do you designate an existing dimension as inspection. To mark an existing dimension, just hover the mouse over the dim, right click, and the same as above applies.

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Betreff: Dimension for inspection ...

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi Michel,

as Matt already answered You can mask any dimension using the inspection option.


But as I have understood Your question You are lokked for a way to automatically find all those dims within a drawing defined as inspection dim and put them onto a list/table.


AFAIK this only is possible using extra macros/tools.


I by myself have done this a couple of years ago and built such a macro called drawing tables.

It will allow You to find information within a drawing like alle dimenison and their tolerances, a make tolerance table, find all ballons and where they are located. Also all GDT symbols.


The macro even is being able to be run within a part and modifying the model according to its tolerances for builing an appropriate CAM model for manufactoring.



But as I have seen, there will be a lot of new features in that area with ST9