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Dimension problem when scaling


Hello !

I would like to ask you about my problem. I have some shape in 2D with dimensions and when I want to change a scale of this shape, everything changes but the dimensions are still the same. Let me explain it: the shape is bigger/smaller but dimensions are still on its original location with original size. Dimensions are not moving. What is wrong ?


Thank you


Re: Dimension problem when scaling

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Siemens Phenom

Is this a native Solid Edge Draft file, or is it an AutoCAD format file that is opened in Solid Edge Draft? From what you describe I assume it is not a native Draft file. If this is a native draft file, I need more information about the workflow.


When an AutoCAD file is opened (translated) into Draft, the original dimensions from the AutoCAD file do not drive the geometry. All dimensions in Draft must have geometry for parents. During the translation geometry (small circles) is created on the Translation layer to become the parents of the dimensions. This geometry is created at the connect points of the dimensions. The dimensions are not connected to the lines. The Translation layer can be displayed to display the circles. Include the circles in the scale operation. This will not reparent the dimensions to the lines but will maintain the relative position to the lines.



Rick B.

Re: Dimension problem when scaling

If it's a native draft file and you change the scale of a view that you've imported from 3D, you're not actually changing the size of the part, just the relative size of the part on the page.  SE will still give you the dimension you'd get if you were to measure the part.  In other words, changing the scale on a native 3D import is like zooming in & out...the image grows or shrinks, but its "size" doesn't actually change.


This is why I (now) do things like scale the draft sheet and the title block so I can draw everything at a 1:1 scale (which helps when people need to read it using programs like AutoCAD) and still have it all fit comfortably.  If my full-scale model is swimming on a size A sheet, it's time to shrink it down (this doesn't happen often).  If my model dwarfs the page size I'm trying to use, I scale the whole thing up.


If the goal is to take a part and make it bigger or smaller by changing the scale, I think you'd have to change the scale, export to something like AutoCAD (NO dimensions allowed), and then import your export.  I've not tried this, but since a scaled export to AutoCAD gives scaled values of the true part size, I'm guessing it would work.